Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs


What is the consultation process & can I get a treatment that same day?

Your initial visit will include reviewing health history, measuring and evaluating the tattoo, discussing the process including possible adverse reactions, answering questions and determining the cost per treatment.  Individuals that are a candidate for tattoo removal will always have the option to start treatment the same day of the consultation.


How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal employs laser light energy to the tattooed area of skin.  The energy  shatters the tattoo ink into fragments, allowing your body to gradually eliminate it through your immune system.  This process results in a fading of the tattoo after each treatment until the desired results are achieved.


Can all colors be removed?

Most colors can be fully removed, and all will fade significantly.  Black is the easiest, followed by blue and red. Fluorescent colors — green and purple, in particular — are the most difficult colors to remove and will require more treatments and color specific wavelengths for best results.  Fair skinned patients have tattoos removed quicker than darker skinned patients.  Professionally done tattoos take longer to remove than amateur tattoos.


Will my tattoo completely disappear?

In most cases it will disappear.  However, there are many different types of tattoo inks and some colors are difficult to treat, so we cannot guarantee that all tattoos will disappear completely.


Will laser tattoo removal leave a scar?

Laser tattoo removal does not leave scars.  The laser energy is attracted only to the ink in your skin, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.  Those with scarring disorders, such as keloids, may have an increased risk of scar formation.  Our technicians review these case types specifically prior to suggesting treatment options.


How many treatments will I need?

The location, color, age, amount and depth of ink, as well as each individual’s skin type and personal health will determine the number of treatments needed for removal.  On average, a professional tattoo requires 8-12 treatments, whereas an amateur tattoo requires 3-5 treatments.


Does it hurt?

While every individual experiences pain differently, we take every precaution to make the process as comfortable as possible.  For more sensitive patients, we offer the option to purchase topical numbing or local anesthesia that can be administered by a medical professional prior to treatment.


How often can I get a treatment?

We recommend treatment every six weeks.  On the surface your skin may look healed within 1-2 weeks.  However, during that time, the body’s lymphatic system is doing its job of removing the ink that has been broken up by the laser.  More frequent treatments will not make your ink disappear faster, but in turn will increase your risk for pigment change and scarring.


What will my tattoo look like after each treatment?

Post treatment, your tattoo may look a little angry.  Redness, scabbing and blistering are all common temporary outcomes of laser tattoo removal.  If you follow all the aftercare guidelines given to you by your tattoo removal technician, your skin should heal within 5-7 days.  You will notice from week-to-week in between treatments your tattoo getting significantly lighter.


What should I expect after each treatment?

Most patients do not experience any down time with their treatments.  We ask our patients to avoid direct sun exposure, pools, hot tubs and saunas for the first week.  Each patient will receive a post treatment instruction sheet to ensure healthy healing.


Can you remove permanent makeup?

Laser tattoo removal cannot remove permanent makeup.  Some cosmetic inks has a metallic base, which will cause it to turn black upon contact with the laser.  This discoloration can be permanent; therefore, we avoid treating permanent makeup.



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